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SOMVOZ has been successfully working for 20 years and unites young specialists and well-known scientists not only in Russia and the CIS, but also in countries of far abroad.
During these years, the SOMVOZ has passed important stages of its development. Today SOMVOZ is one of the most famous, authoritative and dynamically developing public scientific and organizational structures in Russia.
SOMVO pays much attention to the research work of young scientists and provides support for the scientific work of schoolchildren. Annually held multi-disciplinary scientific forums allow you to participate in discussions, publish works by young professionals, students and famous scientists.
We strive to provide our readers with: a wide audience of doctors, researchers, scientists, paramedic and obstetric staff and other specialists - information support and support, as well as create conditions for continuous updating and replenishment of their professional knowledge.

BRICS-Union of Young Scientists and Students
World council of doctors and health administrators

show you their respect and invite you to participate in the XXth International Congress "Health and Education in the 21st Century" "DOMESTIC MEDICINE AS THE BASIS OF DEVELOPMENT OF MODERN HEALTH"
17-20 December 2018 at the hotel "Vega Izmaylovo Hotel and Congress Center", 105613, Moscow, Izmailovo shosse 71, 3V

The Congress is widely known as a scientific and organizational event, the aim of which is to train in the implementation of the model of working out the basic principles of continuous medical education, exchange of information and coordination of scientific research in Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries in the field of biology, medicine, modern pedagogy, sociology and psychology .

The Congress will cover a number of fundamentally important for modern medical science issues of innovative technologies in biology and medicine. Issues related to research conducted on modern high-tech equipment will be considered, allowing to implement research and educational projects in the spirit of the innovative strategy of Russian medical science.

The Congress is an actual and important platform for discussing problems and prospects within the framework of the national modernization program of Russia and innovative approaches to the development of health and public health.

The Congress is held with the participation of scientists and students from universities in Russia and abroad, so in recent years, our event has become one of the largest medical forums in Russia.

We hope that the forthcoming congress will become an open platform for discussions and exchange of experience between doctors, educators, sociologists and psychologists of Russia and other countries.

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In this section you will find the most interesting news about the preparation of the congress and other events.

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Events of the Congress

The list of the main events planned in the framework of the 20th anniversary congress "Health and education in the 21st century"

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The Organizing Committee of the Congress reports that the XXth International Congress "Health and Education in the 21st Century" will be held 17-20 December 2018 in Moscow at the hotel "Vega Izmaylovo" hotel and congress center. " The Congress is called upon to provide a high-quality platform for the exchange of information, the integration of research in medicine, pedagogy and sociology. In the Congress, more than 10 interesting events are planned, as well as parallel discussions and training programs. You will meet with the most famous scientists and scientists.
We hope that you will enjoy the congress platform and colorful events in the congress program

If you have any additional questions then please contact us.

ATTENTION! - There is a discount for accommodation, an excursion, a gala dinner and payment of registration fees. Please use the following PROMOTIONS when paying for related services.

Promotional code is SOMVOZ20 (20% discount until 30 June 2018), SOMVOZ15 (15% discount until 30 July 2018), SOMVOZ10 (10% discount until 30 August 2018), SOMVOZ5 (5% discount until 30 September 2018).

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SOMVOZ for 20 years of dynamic work has consolidated well-known scientists from around the world. Activity SOMVOZ allowed to find young scientists their recognition in world science. To date, we have colleagues, friends, partners around the world, which allows us to move forward, as well as implement scientific and creative ideas.


The main motto of SOMVOZ is "Health and Education in the 21st Century"

Structure of SOMVOZ

The highest governing body of SOMVOZ is the General Assembly

Goals and objectives

Assist young physicians and students in upgrading their skills ... ..

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The history of our success

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The Congress Board of SOMVOZ

Simonenko Vladimir Borisovich Honorary Guest and Honorary Lecturer of the Congress

Academician of the Academy of Military Sciences, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Moscow

Agarwal Rajesh Kumar Chairman of the Board of SOMVOZ, Chairman of the Congress, Chairman of the project "Health and Education in the 21st Century", Moscow

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Moscow

Urakov Alexander Livievich Vice chairman

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Izhevsk

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